Did you know that journaling inspires many great things­ like gratitude, emotional well-being and higher immunity, to name just a few? So one day I decided to give it a try...

What happened to inspire this little, powerful book?

Well, life did. The Custom Journal is a bit of a quarantine baby, but the idea had been planted as a seed in my mind for a long time. As a late 20-year-old finance professional in New York City, my life moves at a constant, charging pace. Between work and my relationships, I find that I'm always on the move. And I know that no matter where you are, what you are doing, we are both feeling this together.

On average, adults make 35,000 decisions a day, which is literally mind-blowing. So yes, I had definitely been wanting to thank that amazing machine upstairs, but also find a way to quiet down the thoughts racing inside it. So I began to do some research (I am an analytical person after all)!

That brings me to my little bit of business and whole lot of pleasure product, The Custom Journal. I began journaling after watching an amazing vlog on the science of journal writing. I was astounded by the facts and sheer simplicity of it all. Just one act of writing can have incredible health benefits!

So where to go? I wanted to create a journal that was special to my needs, not just daunting blank pages or pre-determined templates, but something that fit my humor and the daily routine that I wanted to shape. The problem was, this level of customization was nowhere to be found. I was astounded. How can we be our best selves by journaling if our journals aren’t a reflection of the things we want? How will we stick to this important task if the items on the page aren’t meant for our hearts and minds alone? So, I got to work.

The Custom Journal is a labor of love, one that I hope makes you smile, think and move forward each day. If so, I hope you will share your love of journaling and this product with someone you love.

Together, we can make it through challenges, reflect on our victories and memorialize what it means to be human one line at a time. Welcome to YOUR Custom Journal!